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A&S Composites Engineering and Polyvations Announce Strategic Collaboration

03 June 2020

Today, A&S Composites Engineering and Polyvations announce a strategic collaboration to offer a comprehensive engineering service to the manufacturing sector.  Together Polyvations and A&S Composites Engineering support product and manufacturing capability development, including detailed engineering design, analysis, material and process selection and validation, from product concept to manufacturing.  This is complemented by the ability to engineer business processes and systems to optimize a client’s business using advanced manufacturing principles and strong project management capabilities.

“Polyvations’ product and capability development services align with A&S Composites Engineering’s design, analysis, and manufacturing support competencies. Both of our companies believe in building strong relationships with our clients and working in a collaborative environment.  These shared values allow us to work together to bring greater benefits to our clients.” Alastair Komus, Partner, A&S Composites Engineering.
“Combining the strengths of A&S Composites Engineering and Polyvations enables us to provide very comprehensive support and enhanced value to the manufacturing sector.  Our strategic collaboration is an exciting step forward for both businesses and for the community.”  Mike Hudek, President, Polyvations.

We are excited by the excellent value for the manufacturing community that our strategic collaboration and combined services offer. Click on the link below to download our brochure on our combined service offerings and expertise.

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